Introducing the 2018 Craft Corridor!

Handmade Arcade is celebrating the SECOND year of its Craft Corridor with 19 emerging makers and first-time craft fair vendors!

Get ready for one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen products, designs, gifts and more. Below you’ll meet a few of the fantastic NEW artists being showcased at Handmade Arcade 2018. Visit all 19 of them in the CRAFT CORRIDOR, situated in the center of all the fun. View the complete list of Craft Corridor artists below.

Craft Corridor is generously sponsored by CommonWealthPress.

Blending Traditional and Contemporary

8 Bells Scrimshandry brings an ancient art of scrimshaw — a hand-engraving folk art that developed on Atlantic whaling ships — into modern practice. A slow and methodical art, Scrimshaw, is increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced world. 8 Bells creates lovely work made from antler bone, and tagua nuts that are cut, shaped, ground, sanded and polished by hand before engraving begins.

Flora Industria

Have you ever seen an abandoned mill that is rusted and covered in lush green growth? That is the inspiration behind the jewelry of Vandalia Metal. These stunning jewelry pieces are hand-crafted to tell a story about the natural world reclaiming its territory.

Spiritual Energy

Aesthetics Collection merges fashion and the spiritual world with their unique brand of wire wrapped crystal jewelry. Rings, bracelets and crystal crowns will aid in boosting (or muting) energies depending on the crystals used.

Hand Drawn Pop Culture

Leigh Cox Illustration combines traditional illustration techniques with modern subject matter. Her love for pop culture and the arts brings a wide cast of musicians, writers and cultural icons to her lively prints, greeting cards, enamel pins and more all based on her original illustrations!

Textile Delights

Busy Hook Happy Heart, Woven Spectrums and Upcycle Gal are making gifts to that will keep you warm throughout the long winter months. From scarves and hats, to wraps and snuggly dolls these talented textile artists have you covered!

Visit all the CRAFT CORRIDOR vendors here.

THANK YOU TO COMMONWEALTH PRESS, this year’s proud sponsor of the Craft Corridor. Understanding and valuing the hard work and dedication it takes to make a small business a success, CommonWealth Press generously sponsors Handmade Arcade annually.

Visit the CommonWealth crew at TABLE 1 where they will be offering old standards and brand new, one-of-a-kind products that will make their debut at Handmade Arcade! Follow them on Instagram @cwpress for product details and up-to-the-minute specials, hours, giveaways and more!

CommonWealth Press is excited to host their good friend Paul Zdepski of ZILLUSTRATION in a pop-up shop in their Handmade Arcade space this year. Paul is a Virginia-based artist who makes truly handmade oddities from poured metal, chainsaw art and more.


Handmade Arcade sponsors allow us to support creativity and sustainability in Pittsburgh’s Maker Community!

We are excited to introduce three NEW Event Partners! (Scissor Level of $500)

Kindred Curl – Peace, Love, Curls, Unity
Anyone with a head of curly hair understands the love and care it takes to keep natural curls beautiful and healthy. Kindred Curl salon specializes in CURLY HAIR – all curl types, all colors, all ages, all identities. Owner and curly-hair advocate, Kelly Elaine, loves to help people embrace their curls with cuts and styles that emphasize and flatter the curls. Visit Kindred Curl – Peace, Love, Curls, Unity online today to find out more about their services.

mt. lebanon magazine– the official magazine of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania
mt. lebanon magazine (mtl) shares vital information to the Mt. Lebanon community that includes updates on local government while promoting pride in their community. Covering news about schools, neighborhoods, housing stock, municipal services, recreation programs, and unique professional services and businesses, mtl is a trusted source for local information. Visit their website for more information.

With Wild Blood
Owner Dana Valente creates extreme statement jewelry that combines the power of crystal healing, with the connections of our spirit animals, nature, and ancient beliefs. A reiki master who has also studied crystal healing and Shamanic Journeying with animal guides, Valente creates power animal and totem pieces as well as symbolic amulets. Through With Wild Blood, Valente shares her learnings, experiences, and practices.  Visit her online store, or in person at table 207 at Handmade Arcade to find out more about her art.

Meet the 2018 Handmade Arcade Youth Maker Scholarship winners!

Handmade Arcade is honored to feature the work of up-and-coming young makers through its Youth Maker Scholarship Program, supported in part by Remake Learning and The Grable Foundation, and generously sponsored by Google.

During the summer of 2018, young makers from throughout Pittsburgh and the region applied for the scholarship opportunity via the organization’s application and jury review process. Twelve talented young makers were selected to receive a coveted spot at Handmade Arcade’s annual marketplace, set for December 8, 2018 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Each scholarship recipient is awarded a free booth at Handmade Arcade, Pittsburgh’s largest independent craft fair, along with a stipend to assist with the production of their goods. Youth Makers receive one-on-one mentoring with Handmade Arcade vendors who representatives from Pittsburgh’s professional maker community and are also invited to join Handmade Arcade’s Facebook vendor group, allowing them to participate in a communication, networking and support hub, and introducing them to a global community of DIY artists.

As part of the unique program, all participants attend workshops led by Handmade Arcade organizers held at Construction Junction in Point Breeze. A wide range of topics and skills are covered — from merchandising, packaging, pricing, sourcing and booth set-up, to marketing, production methods, local resources, workflow, finances and more. Workshops and mentoring sessions facilitate real-world learning experiences, teach entrepreneurial skills and provide product critiques and encouragement.

We are proud to introduce you to the concepts and processes that these talented young people are bringing to the Handmade Arcade community! Meet our 2018 Youth Maker Scholarship Winners in their own words.

“I create series of accessories including earrings, collar clips and keychains, as well as producing several graphic tee shirts and blazers. For my process I always start with a prototype in order to make multiples of an item more efficiently. For my earrings I utilize sketches and a laser cutter in order to make quick and original designs. While for my blazers I use a sewing machine, a heat press and other buttons or ribbons in order to create interest in the pieces. I usually work at home to create many of my pieces but I will use places available to me such as AlphaLab Gear in order to access tools such as the heat press and laser cutter.” — Erin Boyle of Darling Dearest


“I’m a 17-year-old high school student in my senior year. I’m into fashion, painting/drawing, poetry and politics. My Canvas creates clothing pieces, fanny packs and keychains that draw awareness to social injustices. In the next 10 years, I’d like to own my own store. But for now I am trying to vend at a lot of different places where either my potential customer would be or opportunities to be in front of large numbers of people.” — Corde Davis of My Canvas

“About three years ago, I went with my dad to a craft show to sell wooden bowls, platters, candle holders and other items he made. After that I decided I wanted to create something of my own. Soon enough I found the craft of wooden pens. Since my dad already had experience with wood, we ordered some pen kits and he helped me make wooden blanks then taught me how to turn them. I became intrigued with turning wood and wanted to do more of my own. Now I make much more than pens and my projects include fountain pens, seam rippers, letter openers, pencils and more. I love to change a piece of nature that is somewhat dull and common into something people will cherish and appreciate in their daily lives.” — Danielle Engstrom of Skapa Turnings

“My creative process consists of taking my original 2-D art pieces and transforming them into various forms of wearables. This includes screen printing, embroidering or hand painting my designs onto t-shirts, suit jackets, shoes and other items. I am also venturing into producing handmade goods such as scrunchies and laser cut earrings that have a unique flair and creative twist, in keeping with my brand’s catchphrase, ‘bringing art back to the everyday.’” — Storm Harvin of Arashi Apparel

“As an AP art student in high school, I created 24 art pieces this school year. I work in many styles and traditional media, but I tend to focus on texture and color. My subjects are typically animal life and nature. I am a curious individual who aspires to become an illustrator. I love going on hikes with my camera and photographing wildlife. I am a runner. I live with four cats, who I love to draw. I work primarily with acrylic paint, but have also worked with watercolor, oil, collage, cut paper and screenprinting. I do much of my composition planning digitally on an iPad before creating with traditional media.”   — Hannah Jones of Hannah Jones Art


“As a collective we currently have three main members: Josie Mackewich, whose interests and skills include plants, home decor, sewing, painting and hand embroidery; CJ Norwood, whose interests and skills include designing, painting, sewing and music; and Isaiah Priches, whose interests include fashion design, graphic design and music. As a collective, we began making clothing in 2013 and have since branched out into many different markets. We enjoy challenging ourselves to try new things, and look to inspire the world around us through our art.” — CJ Norwood, Josie Mackewich, Isaiah Priches of Mob 66 Clothing

“I hand embroider original designs and create products that incorporate the embroidery. I mostly make embroidered bags, but I’ve made tea cosies, bookmarks and tray cloths as well. Most of my recent work was made when I was staying with my grandmother in Tshwane, South Africa. She taught me new stitches and design techniques. I was born in South Africa and moved to Pittsburgh when I was seven. At the beginning of this summer, I hadn’t visited South Africa for five years, and missed it tremendously. While visiting, the art and innovation I saw there inspired me and made me proud of my home. I hope to increase visibility of South Africa in America and am starting small by showing my friends the arts scene, artists and books from South Africa.”  — Hanna Pistorius of Emberry

“I strongly believe your body is a temple and you have to treat it as one, so I incorporate my merchandise into my beliefs and turn it into fashion with everything handmade. I sell healing crystal necklaces, handmade bags, laser cut earrings, choker sets and t-shirts with my artwork on them. I love selling my items at events because I actually get to interact with my customers. I’m a very social person and I love meeting new people, networking and making new connections.” — Maya Sanders of Maya Temple

“The clothing line currently features t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, button-up shirts, kids’ shirts, hats, pins and tote bags. This year, I will be a freshman at Point Park University, studying psychology with a pre-med concentration. While I love learning, I also enjoy creative outlets. I enjoy embroidery, sewing and other DIY projects. I’m always looking to try new things and develop different skills. I find it helpful to have a little knowledge of everything. I personally create all products in my basement, in the car, on the bus, or anywhere I have a free minute to stitch.”  — Justine Szurley of HMR Apparel

“I am 17 years old, addicted to bubble tea, and a fan of all things cute! I very much enjoy running, baking and playing video/board games with my friends and family. I also enjoy doing arts and crafts of any sort and teaching those skills to my friends. My products are handmade polymer clay charms and figurines. They are hand sculpted using standard clay sculpting tools and blocks of clay from the local craft store. I like to look around the city to find my inspiration. Once I’ve found an inspirational object, I like to put a creative spin on it.”  — Hannah Woo of KikiReadsComics

Visit these young makers and see their creative wares at Handmade Arcade, on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh!

AND THIS YEAR, you have two special opportunities to be the first to see everything that Handmade Arcade is bringing to Pittsburgh — The Cutting Edge: A Fundraiser for Handmade Arcade and the Early Birdie Shopping Hour. Tickets are limited to both events, so scoop them up now!

Handmade Arcade’s Youth Scholarship Program is supported in part by Remake Learning and by The Grable Foundation.

Proud sponsor of the Youth Maker Alley