Youth Maker Alley

Handmade Arcade is excited to spotlight 12 young artists who are recipients of this year’s Youth Maker Scholarships.

Supporting local makers and creative entrepreneurs ages 16 to 18, the program provides free vendor space, stipends, mentoring and workshops for youth from around the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.


Arashi Apparel
Pittsburgh-based small clothing line centered on bringing art back to the everyday
Storm Harvin creates original 2-D art that she transforms into wearables through screen printing, embroidering or hand painting her designs onto t-shirts, suit jackets, shoes and other items. Storm is a visual artist, musician (cello, ukulele, voice), dancer, and writer.

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Darling Dearest
The future isn’t basic
Erin Boyle is the creative force behind Darling Dearest. Using a laser cutter, sewing machine, heat press and a variety of notions and ribbons. Erin plans to study fashion and business. Erin’s creativity and tech savvy ways combine to create unique wearables that you will love.

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Hand Embroidery by HP
Hanna Pistorius creates original designs and embroiders them on a variety of items like purses, tea cosies, bookmarks, patches and more. While visiting her grandmother in Tshwane, South Africa, Hanna learned new stitches and design techniques. Hanna’s artistic interests include acting, writing, drawing and embroidery.  Hanna’s artistic interests are acting, writing, drawing, and embroidery. She also loves to garden with her father.

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Hannah Jones Art
• Prints • Cards • T-Shirts • Buttons • Pittsburgh-based
Hannah Jones is a talented young maker who is on her way to fulfilling her dream of being an illustrator! As an AP art student at Mt. Lebanon High School, she works in many styles and traditional media with a focus on texture and color. Her colorful work is inspired by animals, nature and her travels. She loves hiking with her camera and turning what she sees into the creative expressions found in her work.

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HMR Apparel
Handmade clothes promoting female empowerment and gender equality
Welcome back Justine Szurley, a two-time Handmade Arcade Youth Maker Scholarship recipient. Now a student at Point Park University, this 18-year-old maker is scaling HMR Apparel into a serious business. Adding to her line of silk-screen clothing, Justine is embroidering hats, patches and totes. Studying psychology with a pre-med concentration, she still finds time for creative outlets. She enjoys embroidery, sewing, and other DIY projects. Justine is ready to take on the future!

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Hannah Woo makes handmade polymer clay charms and figurines. Inspired by “all things cute,” Hannah hand sculpts her pieces and uses household items such as small brushes, sewing pins and tin foil to create more precise textures. Her work is inspired by food, animals and nature. Hannah is a high school student who is addicted to bubble tea and a fan all of all things cute! Along with doing arts and crafts of any sort, she enjoys running, baking and playing video/board games with my friends and family.

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Maya Temple
Your body is a temple, treat it as such by wearing the best
Maya Sanders strongly believes your body is a temple so you have to treat it as one. This belief inspires the creativity behind her merchandise. She makes everything from handmade bags, to laser cut earrings, to choker sets, to t-shirts that display her art, to beautifully sewn tube tops that match her bright and positive energy!

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Mob 66
This creative collective showcases three talented young makers – CJ Norwood, Josie Mackewich and Isaiah Priches. These three incredibly talented makers began working together making clothing and have since branched out into many different markets. They enjoy challenging themselves to try new things and look to inspire the world around them through their art.

Pictured: CJ’s wire wrapped jewelry (Pharaoh Wrap), Isaiah’s bold statement vest (Emmerald Clothing), Josie’s sewn basket (Merkabae Creations)

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My Canvas
Corde Davis is the creative force behind My Canvas Clothing. This 17-year-old high school senior from Propel Braddock Hills makes bold statement clothing that calls attention to social issues such as gentrification, gun violence and women’s rights. She also upcycles jeans into functional and cool fanny packs! Her interests are fashion, painting and drawing, poetry and politics.

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Skapa Turnings
Danielle Engstrom makes beautiful hand-turned wood fountain pens, seam rippers, letter openers, pencils and more. Finding wood in nature and upcycling scraps, Danielle loves to change a piece of nature that is somewhat dull and common into something people will cherish and appreciate in their daily lives. This junior from Belle Vernon Area High School was inspired to create her own business by her father – a fellow woodworker and maker.

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Youth Maker Alley is generously sponsored by Google.

Youth Maker Scholarship Program is supported in part by Remake Learning and The Grable Foundation.

Photography by Lindsay Goranson and Jennifer Baron.