About Us

Handmade Arcade celebrates the cutting edge of craft by connecting creators and consumers through making, sharing and learning.

Handmade Arcade achieves this by:

  • Inspiring creativity and experimentation through the process of making;
  • Supporting creative commerce for local crafters, creative entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • Honoring the intersection of tradition and innovation;
  • Providing an alternative marketplace to mainstream retail; and
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes inclusivity and diversity.


Founded in 2004, Handmade Arcade provides craft-based artists, designers and makers with opportunities to sell products, build community, network and share their artistic practice. A pioneer in Pittsburgh’s maker movement, Handmade Arcade bridges the gap between consumers and creators while increasing awareness about handmade, locally produced craft goods and processes.

Handmade Arcade has significantly helped to catalyze Pittsburgh’s maker movement and transform the region’s landscape of small arts and crafts businesses in Pittsburgh. More than just an award-winning annual event, Handmade Arcade works year-round on a variety of programming that includes:

  • Hosting Youth Makers in its annual marketplace and Hands-on Handmade Activity Area
  • Engaging in Outreach and Community Collaborations with nonprofits, maker spaces, arts and cultural organizations, community groups, schools and universities, and individual artists in order to create opportunities for all levels of crafters and makers
  • Producing Handmade Arcade — Pittsburgh’s premier independent craft fair and a high-profile, highly-anticipated annual marketplace
  • Supporting new and emerging artists, crafters and makers through its Craft Corridor program and Show and Sell pop-up marketplace
  • Hosting workshops and networking events
  • Promoting and sharing events and programming produced by a network of community collaborators

Handmade Arcade does a great job of being one of the leaders of Pittsburgh’s craft community. Participating and working with Handmade Arcade is a badge of honor, so to speak. As Handmade Arcade expands to show work from newer artists, I think they can continue to reach new audiences and artists.

Matt Buchholz, Alternate Histories