Hands-on Handmade Activity Area

Handmade Arcade’s Hands-on Handmade (HOHA) activity area celebrates the event’s dedication to independent art and craft communities. HOHA invites attendees of all ages to participate in free art, craft, tech and learning activities led by local artists, art collectives, and nonprofit arts organizations.

HOHA, a participatory component to Handmade Arcade (HA), offers a wide variety of interactive drop-in and daylong programs including craft projects, mini-tutorials and workshops, make-and-take activities, craft competitions, art installations, public art projects, and more.

HOHA is designed to:

  • Bridge the gap between consumers and creators
  • Engage attendees and vendors in a shared creative process
  • Increase awareness about handmade art, locally-produced craft goods, and creative processes
  • Provide a platform for artists and organizations to expand their reach into the community
  • Encourage all people to be creative and make things by hand

HOHA’s goal is to accept applicants that will:

  • Engage attendees and vendors in a shared creative process
  • Encourage the public to consider the role of craft in their own lives
  • Increase awareness about handmade and locally-produced goods
  • Design an activity that can be completed within a realistic timeframe

Requirements for participation include:

  • Well thought-out activities that engage a wide variety of ages and skill levels
  • Participants must be able to run their activity using their own volunteers or employees
  • Clear description of the proposed activity
  • Participant bio(s)
  • A proposed budget for activities (HA offers some reimbursement or small stipends for HOHA artists. HA cannot guarantee reimbursement for all costs).