2018 Hands-on Handmade Activity Area

11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m..

Letterpress Posters with Bat Cat Press
Bat Cat Press is bringing its portable poster-sized Line-O-Scribe printing press and a collection of vintage wood type and linocuts. Participants can personalize a preset poster design for a make-and-take project. Learn about the history of printing, while trying printing techniques and using a classic piece of printing equipment.

Holiday Wrapping Paper Silkscreen Printing with Artist Image Resource (AIR) and CAPA High School
Join screenprinting experts from AIR as they print oversized images on brown paper that can be used a holiday wrapping paper!

Mosaic Glass Creations with artist Debbie Jacknin from Songbird Artistry
Participate in the creation of a stained-glass mosaic piece using pre-cut glass and assembled in a window frame. Assembly of the piece will start on Friday night at The Cutting of Craft: A Fundraiser for Handmade Arcade and be completed on Saturday. The final piece will spell out the word “CREATE.”

Family Ever After Quilt with Every Child Inc.
Every Child Inc. will facilitate the creation of an enormous family quilt that will be displayed throughout Pittsburgh once complete. Participants will create colorful squares and then watch as onsite quilters add their square to the final product.

Collaborative Clay Photo Booth with Union Project
Join Union Project teaching artists to learn about ceramic hand-building skills, and get your hands messy experimenting and expressing yourself in clay. Create a clay sculpture to contribute to a temporary collaborative clay installation onsite. When you’re done, document your experience by snapping a fun photo-booth image with your creation!

Blacklight First Night Installation with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Get your glow on with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust teaching artists as we create components for a glow in the dark star orb chandelier to be displayed at our Blacklight First Night installation in the Trust Arts Education Center! In addition to contributing to the chandelier, participants can create their own miniature glow in the dark star orb to take home.

11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Star Jars and Origami Star Boxes with Artsy Amethyst Owl
A simple yet elegant craft, Japanese star jars are given as gifts of good luck. Origami star boxes can also be used as containers for the paper stars, or as gift boxes for small sweet treats like Hershey’s Kisses! Learn to make stars by folding thin strips of paper, then place them in glass containers for safe keeping. Participants can also learn to make star boxes by folding 6-inch-square origami paper.

DIY Phone Stands and Gift-Card holders with Assemble
Upcycle those old cassette-tape cases with Assemble into colorful phone and iPod stands or one-of-a-kind tissue-paper-mosaic gift-card boxes.

Animate-an-amphibian with University of Pittsburgh’s Lab of Ecology
Participants will assemble a zoetrope (an animation toy) of a gray tree frog calling for a mate. This hands-on art activity uses recycled CDs to spark conversations about amphibian communication. While constructing your own zoetrope, talk citizen science to a herpetologist (frog scientist) and learn how to get in on the action through your local chapter of FrogWatch, a national science program that trains volunteers to identify and record frog species by listening to their calls.

Glittery Bracelets with Ed Corps from Real World Scholars
Real World Scholars is pleased to present “Glittery Bracelets.” This easy make & take craft will sure to be a fave of Handmade Arcade visitors. Featuring our EdCorps from Beth-Center Elementary and Middle School, students will guide visitors through a fast, fun craft creating cute bracelet tubes out of glitter and bows! With a little bit of creative reuse, hot glue, and pizzazz, you’ll walk away with an arm full of sparkly goodness. Join us for fun and learn more about the EdCorps operating in schools throughout the Pittsburgh region. 

Book Binding Made Easy with Girls Write Pittsburgh
Create a self-made book that to be used for journaling free writing, sketching or wherever your creativity takes you! Create simple, three-hole, stitch-bound books using repurposed and donated paper and other materials. Participants will leave our activity with a personalized book ready to capture their imagination.

3 to 6:30 p.m.

Create a Potholder with From Many Threads
Learn the art of hand sewing and assembly with Many Threads artist Roberta Ellis. Participants will use these skills to create a small potholder that they can bring home to use, or give as a gift.

Create Your own Holiday Magic Blend with Essential Oils with Mind Body Center
Create a unique holiday blend of an essential oil spray or roll-on bottle! Using repurposed bottles and more, we will teach participants the uses of essential oils and how healthy can be simple. Once your signature scent is ready, participants will complete their creation by making a  signature label.

Recycled Holiday Trees with Millvale Community Library
Participants of all ages will have fun creating various types of holiday trees using bottle caps, book pages, magazines, and paper. This craft will incorporate sustainability, re-use, and creativity. Learn that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that many items can be re-purposed into wonderful things.

Alcohol Ink Painting with Artists and Craftsman Supply
Create your own alcohol ink paintings using Piñata inks and Yupo paper. By exploring different techniques and uses of color, participants will create a small piece of unique artwork.  Along the process, they will develop an understanding of color mixing and painting techniques.

Metal Stamping with Touchstone Center for Craft
Learn the process of stamping metal and create a key fob with a Touchstone Teasel image by one of Touchstone Center for Craft artists. Participants will gain an understanding of the metal-stamping process and how it may be used in other applications.