Everything you need to know for the Handmade Arcade In-person Holiday Market.
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Location, Directions, and Parking:

David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC)
1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The convention center is at the corner of Penn Ave. and 10th Street, in downtown Pittsburgh. Handmade Arcade is in Hall A on the second floor.

  • Enter through the EAST LOBBY street entrance off Tenth Street.
  • Go up the escalator or use the elevator to your right behind the security desk
  • Once you are on the second floor, Hall A will be on your right.

Directions to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Parking Garages: 

David L. Lawrence Convention Center Garage
GPS address: 139 10th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
2021 Rates: Flat-free after 4 PM: $5 / Hourly rates on Saturday

Grant Street Transportation Center – One block walk to the DLCC
2021 Rates: Flat-free after 4 PM on Friday and on Saturday: $5

Smithfield and Liberty – Approx. four-block walk to the DLCC
2021 Rates: Flat-free after 4 PM on Friday and on Saturday: $6

10th Street & Penn Avenue  – Approx. two-block walk to the DLCC
2021 Rates: Friday Rate: $14 / Saturday Flat Rate: $13

Go Mobile Parking App: Downloadable in Google Play and the Apple App Store
Use at your own risk. Handmade Arcade is uncertain if there are limits to how long you can leave your car in a parking space or the fees.

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Accessibility Information

HA is working on expanding accessibility at our events. Here is a list of existing supports for this year’s Holiday Market. If you need an accommodation not listed, once you arrive at the event, you can ask any of our volunteers at check-in, at our welcome table, and throughout the event, wearing lanyards and/or black aprons with the Handmade Arcade logo! For ideas on how to increase accessibility next year, please email us at info@handmadearcade.org. We ask that you please be patient with our response, as Handmade Arcade is run by just one full-time staff member.


  • Wayfinding: The hall has large aisles. We suggest following the flow of people – starting at Table 1 in the front right corner of the hall. For help navigating the hall, grab a printed map from a volunteer or at the check-in table or find the oversize wayfinding sign at the even and the QR code for a digital map.
  • Sensory Warning: The market draws a large crowd and is in a hall with fluorescent lights, music, and occasional announcements over the microphone. We have created a dedicated quiet space located outside of Hall A. When you exit the hall, walk to the right toward the window wall. Just past the restroom, you will see a quiet hallway on your right, where you are welcome to relax and regroup. Anyone who can benefit from using it is welcome!
  • Lactation Room: Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere, anytime, any place at Handmade Arcade’s markets. If you prefer a dedicated private space, one is located just outside Hall A near the glass elevator. For privacy reasons, DLCC requires it to be locked; please go to the welcome table (inside the Hall) to be escorted by a volunteer with a key.
  • Changing Tables: Changing tables are in all Family Restrooms. They are located in:
    • Hall A
    • The lobby near the entrance to Hall A
    • the East Lobby (first floor)
  • All Gender Restrooms: Hall A has an All Genders restroom at the back of the hall. If you are facing the Concessions Stand, it is in the left corner and marked with signage. You are also welcome to use any Family Restroom. They are single rooms with a door that locks.
  • Mobility Supports: Wheelchairs are available to borrow during your visit to the DLCC. They are first come, first served, and borrowed by leaving your ID with the security guard at the desk as you enter the East Lobby doors.
    Additionally, there is seating in the lobby and in front of concessions in the Hall. Please feel welcome to take a break in either space.
  • Service Animals: Service animals are always welcome; pets are not. Service animals are not pets; they are trained to assist people with disabilities. Proof of training as a service animal is not required, nor are special jackets.

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COVID-19 Policy

Handmade Arcade will follow the COVID-19 advice from the CDC for indoor gatherings. Masks are suggested but not required. If you are feeling sick, please stay home.

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FREE Timed Admission Information


  • To control crowds, we are asking all attendees to sign up for free timed admission.
  • This year, we’ve improved our wayfinding signs and created a faster check-in process.
  • Your time slot designates when you will be allowed to check in and enter the market.
  • No time limitations on shopping: You’re free to shop for as long as you want after you check-in.
  • Easy check-in: You don’t need to print or download your ticket. Simply give your name to the check-in staff for entry.

What if I do not make it to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center by the time on my ticket?

  • You will still be allowed to enter the market. The time indicates the earliest you can enter the market.
  • We understand that you cannot always control traffic, parking, etc., and you might be late.
    • For example, if you are running late and signed for a 1 PM entry but do not arrive until after 2 PM, you will be allowed to enter the market when you get there.
  • Once you enter the market, you are free to shop for as long as you want. 

Can I bring my children?

  • YES! Children are welcome. 
  • You do not need to register anyone under the age of 12.
    • This includes the Friday Night Happy Hour and Early Birdie Shopping

How late can I register for the FREE market on Saturday, December 3?

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Friday Happy Hour and Saturday Early Bird Shopping

How late can I purchase tickets for the Friday Night Happy Hour and the Early Bird Shopping?

  • For planning purposes and safety reasons, the online sales of these tickets will end on Thursday, December 1. 
  • Don’t wait to buy! 
  • Early Bird Shopping Hour tickets will NOT be sold at the door. You must repurchase them.
  • A limited number of Friday Night Happy Hour tickets will be sold at the door. We recommend that you buy your tickets online to ensure admission

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Refunds and Ticket Transfers

For the free market, you do not need to cancel or transfer your ticket if you cannot attend. 

For the Friday Night Happy Hour and the Early Bird Shopping, you can:

  • Transfer your ticket on Eventbrite to another attendee
  • Request a refund up to one day before the ticketed event.
    • We have to process these manually, so please be patient with us. 
    • If you ask for a refund, you will be responsible for paying the Eventbrite fees. (You can avoid this by transferring your ticket to a friend!)

Have a question that is not answered here? Email info@handmadearcade.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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