Reminder: All vendors agreed to the Handmade Arcade Terms & Conditions when applying for the event.

Friday Details
Saturday Details
Vendor and Sponsor Floor Map and Load-in Time Zones
What’s the deal with tickets this year?
Location, Directions, and Parking:
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All participants in HA21 are required to wear a mask. If you are taking a break, please sit away from your table at a safe distance from shoppers.

There will be space between booths to adhere to safe spacing. This IS NOT meant for you to spread out. Please adhere to your assigned vendor space. We are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Visit our HOLIDAY MARKET FAQ page for more details.

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  • Spaces will be marked on the floor with chalk. If you are unsure of your area, please check with a HA organizer before you begin setting up. 
  • Stay within your assigned space and be courteous of your crafty neighbors.
  • If you have racks or other display structures, they MUST fit within your assigned space. Likewise, you must contain all of your extra merchandise containers within this space.
  • Vendors may NOT tape or hang any items to the wall.
  • If you have made any special requests, we will make every effort to accommodate you but cannot guarantee your request will be met.
  • If you did not pay for electricity, please DO NOT USE an outlet, even if there is an open one near you. The Convention Center will know, and Handmade Arcade will get charged. Handmade Arcade staff will ask you to unplug if you did not prepay.
  • Tables and chairs: every booth will have one (or two) tables and two chairs. If you do not plan to use the tables or the chairs provided, put them in the walkway between the aisles, and the Convention Center staff will remove them before the show begins.

Expanded Vendor Space Details

  • 20-feet-long-by-10-feet-deep display space
  • TWO 8-by-2.5-foot tables 
  • TWO chairs

Standard Vendor Space Details

  • 10-feet-long-by-10-feet deep display space
  • ONE 8-by-2.5 foot table
  • TWO chairs
  • Endcap vendors will also have a 10-by-10 foot area. The vendor map can be deceiving. There is more than enough space for your display. If you have questions during load-in, ask the Handmade Arcade organizers for space clarification.

Craft Corridor Vendor Space Details

  • 8-feet-long-by-8-feet deep display space
  • ONE 6-by-2.5 foot table 
  • Two chairs

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Friday Details


Accepted makers to the in-person event MUST load in on Friday afternoon and participate in the Happy Hour Preview Party on Friday, December 3, 2021.


  • Load-in between 12 – 4 PM 
  • Convention Center Teamsters available to help
  • HELPERS are permitted and do NOT need to sign up for the timed entrance. Tell them to enter through the EAST LOBBY, follow LINE C which will also be marked “All Vendors and Helpers Enter Here”(see PDF). When they get to the door, they should inform the volunteer there that they are here to help “VENDOR NAME.” All vendors and helpers are encouraged to take a break on Friday night, walk around, shop, mingle, have a drink, and enjoy yourself! There is no limit to how many helpers a vendor can have. 

If you cannot load in on Friday, you can ask Handmade Arcade for special permission to load in on Saturday morning. Contact for details.

Preview Party

  • Preview Party starts at 5 PM
  • Makers must stay until it ends at 7:30 PM
  • Tables can be left as is, the doors to the hall will be locked, and there will be security on-site.
  • We recommend that you take your cash with you

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Saturday Details


  • Vendors must be back at their booths by 8:30 AM Saturday (You can arrive anytime after 7 AM)
  • Bypass the line and enter using LINE C. Click here for a map.
  • Early Bird Shopping starts at 9:30 AM.
  • We recommend that you plan to return to the Convention Center as early as possible to avoid a stressful morning
  • Important to note: There is a cheerleading competition this same weekend, making parking difficult
  • HELPERS are permitted and do NOT need to sign up for the timed entrance. Tell them to enter through the EAST LOBBY, follow LINE C which will also be marked “All Vendors and Helpers Enter Here”(see PDF). When they get to the door, they should inform the volunteer there that they are here to help “VENDOR NAME.” There is no limit to how many helpers a vendor can have. 

Load-Out/Tear Down:

  • Handmade Arcade ends at 7 PM. Do not break down your table before then.
  • Please completely pack up your space before getting your car.
  • At 7 PM, the loading dock doors will be opened, and additional trash and recycling bins will be provided.
  • Breakdown must be completed by 8 PM.
  • You do not need to break down the tables and chairs; the Convention Center staff will handle this.

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Vendor and Sponsor Floor Map
Load-in Time Zones – Coming Soon

What you need to know for load-in: 

  • Your assigned time load-in
  • Your table number
  • No changes to the map can be made at this time.

IMPORTANT: There will be security directing you to the entrance of the docks.  You will need to know your load-in times and your table number. Do not park until HA organizers check you in and give you a number for your dashboard. 

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What’s the deal with tickets this year?

Free Saturday Market: 11 AM to 7 PM
Yes, the event is still free on Saturday, but we are asking all attendees to register for tickets to control the crowd. Would you please share the following information with your customers?

  • Crowd control measures mean that ALL ATTENDEES for the Saturday event must register for FREE TIMED ADMISSION. Here are the details.

Ticketed Events:
Why buy tickets when you can shop for free? That’s a great question. Handmade Arcade’s only opportunity to host fundraising events includes the Friday Night Preview Party and the Early Birdie Shopping Hour. We rely on the income from these events to continue our year-long programming.

Here are the answers that we give when asked:

Even though we are asking folks to register for time tickets, we still anticipate a crowd. These events are your opportunity to support not only a unique maker-centric nonprofit arts organization but also a way to guarantee that you will be shopping crowd-free!

Friday Night Happy Hour from 5 to 7:30 PM
Tickets $35 each

  • Shoppers get 25 free raffle tickets
  • The first 400 attendees receive a mini gift from Una Biologicals
  • Cash bar (drinks must be consumed in designated areas)
  • Crowd-free shopping
  • Discounted Handmade Arcade Merch
  • Tickets being sold on Eventbrite here.

Saturday Early Bird Shopping from 9:30 to 11 AM. (Note this is starting 30-minutes earlier than at past events)
Tickets $25 each

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Location, Directions, and Parking:

David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC)
1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The convention center is at the corner of Penn Ave. and 10th Street, in downtown Pittsburgh. Handmade Arcade is in Halls B and C on the second floor. Enter through the WEST LOBBY street entrance off of Tenth Street.

You can find additional information about the Convention Center on their website.

Directions: Directions to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center


  • Parking on Friday: Feel free to park in any of the garages listed below. Parking rates will vary on Friday. Most will be around $13 for over 6 hours.
  • Parking on Saturday:
    • Please do not park in the DLCC Parking lot unless you have a reason to have your car close by on Saturday, December 4. There are two reasons for this ask:
      • The lot will likely already be full with the cheerleading competition folks by the time you arrive on Saturday. You should plan your timing with a different lot in mind. In the past, when vendors have tried to park in the DLCC lot, they ended up having to go elsewhere and were late for the event.
      • If possible, we like to try not to use this lot so that Handmade Arcade shoppers can do so.

Parking Garages: 

Grant Street Transportation Center – One block walk to the DLCC
Saturday Flat Rate: $5
There are two separate color-coded garages and lobbies;
Red Lobby A (located at the corner of 11th Street & Liberty Avenue)
Blue Lobby B (located on Penn Avenue)

Smithfield and Liberty – Approx. four block walk to the DLCC
Saturday Flat Rate: $6

10th Street & Penn Avenue  – Approx. two block walk to the DLCC
Saturday Flat Rate: $13

There are also outdoor lots in the Strip District. However, these websites say that they close at 4:45 PM on Saturdays. Park here at your own risk. Street parking is not recommended for our event vendors.

Go Mobile Parking App: Downloadable in Google Play and the Apple App Store
Use at your own risk. Handmade Arcade is uncertain if there are limits to how long you can leave your car in a parking space or the fees.

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There is no free internet service at the Convention Center. 

We recommend that vendors use their smartphone data for credit card sales. Credit card sales use minimal data. You should be able to set up a Hotspot connection to another device. We recommend that you bring a portable charger. Unfortunately, unless you paid for electricity, there are no convenient places to charge your phone.

The Convention Center contracts its WiFi through showNets. You will be able to purchase daily WiFi from the Convention Center. You can order it on-site from your device. When you arrive, open your device and browser, and the ShowNet WiFi sign-up page should open.

NOTE: In 2019, HA paid $169 for three days of High-Speed Internet for the Trade Show Floor. As soon as we get current prices, we will share them. 

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What to Bring:

Click here to download our Show Checklist PDF.

  • Your crafts, and LOTS of them.
  • Face Masks. Remember, masks are required at this year’s event.
  • A credit card reader. Vendors with credit card readers tend to have a better sales day.
  • Fully charged cell phone and portable charger. 
  • Change. You can never have too many small bills – ones, fives, and tens. You can bring a cash box, but nothing is more secure than wearing your money — either in an apron or in your pockets (trousers with four big pockets — $1, $5, $10, and $20). Handmade Arcade will NOT be able to make change or break large bills.
  • Business cards or other promotional/contact materials for your craft venture. You may also want to have a mailing list sign-up sheet.
  • A friend. If you don’t have a buddy to help out, HA will have volunteers on hand who can watch your table while you take a bathroom break or grab some food.
  • Tablecloth or yardage. You’ll also want enough material to hang to the floor, and disguise all the stuff you’re storing under the table.
  • Mirrors are helpful if you’re selling clothing or jewelry.
  • Bags. If you don’t have your own, use brown craft bags. HA gets theirs from Schorin in the Strip District. There are likely better places to order these online. We happen to get our bags here every year.
  • Craft-fair essentials kit. Might include: chapstick, mints, extra masks, masking tape, safety pins, Sharpie, scissors, needle and thread, string, small notebook, pens, aspirin, and Band-Aids.
  • Trash bag. 
  • Comfortable shoes. Consider bringing a spare set and/or a mat to stand on. The concrete floor can be brutal.
  • Wear layers. Please note that the Convention Center is a “green building.” During load-in, the heating system will be off while the loading dock doors are open. After this time, it will take several hours (depending on how cold it is outside) for the hall to return to normal temperature. The temperature also fluctuates throughout the day, depending on crowd levels. PLEASE NOTE: Handmade Arcade cannot do anything about the temperature of the hall. 

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Tips and Information:

  • Signage. Make sure your products are identified if they’re not apparent to customers and that you highlight a unique feature (“Made from recycled chopsticks!”).
  • Mark prices clearly.
  • Inventory what you’re bringing. That way, after the event, you can sort out what you’ve sold.
  • Stand and deliver. Sure, it’s a long day, and your feet may be crying for a break, but you’re more likely to engage customers and appear accessible if you’re standing up and eye-level with them. Sitting, head bowed over some craftwork, isn’t inviting to sales. Remember, this is retail. You don’t have to do a hard sell, but smiling, inviting customers over, talking up your products are all smart strategies.
  • There are ATMs in the Convention Center and at various locations downtown. However, the ATM at the Convention Center tends to run out of cash. If you do not have a credit card reader, consider getting one.
  • Concessions will NOT be open on Friday. There will be a cash bar during the happy hour. Feel free to grab a drink if you are 21 or older.
  • Concessions will be open on Saturday from breakfast through dinner. Breakfast items, lunch, beverages, and snacks will be available for purchase.
  • Concession lines at the Convention Center can be long and time-consuming. We recommend you bring drinks and food with you.

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Volunteer Help:

HA Volunteers will be recognizable by their name badge and black apron. They are there to assist you. They will also be available to watch your table for brief trips to the restroom or concessions stand. Volunteers will only watch your table and will not make any sales — shoppers will be informed that the vendor will return shortly. Please keep these trips short. Handmade Arcade organizers are available at the Welcome Tent located at the front of the hall for other issues.

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Taxes and Insurance:

All participating businesses are required to operate their business per the law of Pennsylvania – including registration and taxes. Visit PA Business One-Stop Shop  website for more information.

All participating businesses are required to carry business insurance. Visit ACT (Artists Crafters & Tradesman) Insurance for more information. Handmade Arcade is required to have insurance for the event. However, if a claim is made against an individual vendor or something happens to your property on-site, Handmade Arcade cannot guarantee that its insurance will cover you.

These and any other legal requirements are the vendors’ responsibility. Handmade Arcade will not request proof of compliance.

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For More Information:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you have further questions.  It is better to ask in advance.

For last-minute emergencies, the night before and the morning of the show, do not email. Please text Tricia at 412-654-3889. Make sure you let her know who you are and what your business name is. She will do her best to get back to you but can make no guarantees.

We are looking forward to another successful and fun Handmade Arcade!

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