SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT (1 of 4): Hot Glue Gun

Handmade Arcade sponsors allow us to support creativity and sustainability in Pittsburgh’s Maker Community!

We are excited to thank our Hot Glue Gun Event Sponsors! ($1000 Level)
Support for Handmade Arcade’s programming has been so generous this year that we have to break our Event Sponsor  “thank you’s” into FOUR separate posts!

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Artists & Craftsman Supply – Pittsburgh
Shop: 5603 Hobart St., Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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Facebook: facebook.com/ArtistCraftsmanSupply.Pittsburgh
Instagram: @artistcraftsman_pgh

Artist & Craftsman Supply is an employee-owned art supply store located in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood. It offers a wide selection of artistic and creative materials for kids, students and professional artists alike.

Visit the store and shop at its ongoing bi-monthly sales. Everyday discounts are available for students and educators on a wide variety of materials.

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Film Pittsburgh
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Facebook: facebook.com/filmpittsburgh
Instagram: @film_pittsburgh
Twitter: @FilmPittsburgh

Film Pittsburgh presents independent films from around the world, deepening audiences’ understanding of culture, tolerance, and our common humanity. We believe film is a powerful visual medium that thrives in the digital era by transcending cultural boundaries and inspiring change. Our broad range of programming is designed to reach people of all races, religions, ages and abilities, and emphasis is placed on collaboration with other organizations.

Festivals include:

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Fort Pitt Capital Group
Calmly and Competently Leading People to Financial Security
Fort Pitt Capital was formed more than 20 years ago, when the financial services industry was fraught with conflicts of interest. Earning and keeping its clients’ trust is central to everything Fort Pitt Capital Group does. Since its founding in 1995, the company has committed to holding itself to extremely high ethical standards. It operates based on a simple conviction – to do what we believe is best for our clients. The services are designed around personal responsibility, integrity and service – not sales commissions or charges.

Interested in more information? Visit the Getting Started page online.

To schedule a personal meeting, call 412-921-1822 or toll-free at 1-800-471-5827.

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Facebook: facebook.com/kerfcase
Instagram: @kerfcase
Twitter: @kerfcase

In woodworking, “Kerf” is the thickness of material removed from a saw blade, usually measured in 1/1000 of an inch. Making familiar accessories from unconventional materials requires a level of extreme precision. “Kerf” represents the owners of KerfCase because it’s everything they are: precise, finicky, and obsessed with perfection. KerfCase is devoted to joining sustainable materials with advanced technology. They believe in hometown manufacturing, and do not outsource or import products or services from overseas. Production of a single case involves over 30 separate production steps, involving several specialty CNC machines and skilled hand work, resulting in a finished product that is unlike any other. It might be harder, and more expensive, than working with prefab parts from abroad, but it is important that the work they sell is done honestly, with their own hands.

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