Handmade Arcade empowers makers of all ages by providing them with professional development and connections to customers. 


Handmade Arcade envisions an inclusive artistic community where all makers are empowered to share their craft and to achieve their creative potential and financial goals.


  • Anti-racism
  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Transparency


Founded in 2004, Handmade Arcade provides craft-based artists, designers, and makers with opportunities to sell products, build community, network, and share their artistic practice. A pioneer in Pittsburgh’s maker movement, Handmade Arcade bridges the gap between consumers and creators while increasing awareness about handmade, locally produced craft goods and processes.

Handmade Arcade has helped catalyze the flourishing maker movement in Pittsburgh and transform the region’s landscape of small arts and crafts businesses. More than just an award-winning annual event, Handmade Arcade works year-round on a variety of programming that includes:

  • Hosting Handmade Arcade, our annual winter convention where over 10,000 attendees converge to shop from a curated group of 200+ makers
  • Hosting Show and Sell, our yearly spring event that supports emerging makers with workshops to learn how to sell their wares at a high-profile event
  • Building an interactive, reusable virtual marketplace 
  • Supporting makers of all kinds with our Maker Curriculum, created in partnership with the Creative Business Accelerator
  • Working with youth makers, student entrepreneurs, and education groups to encourage the next generation
  • Promoting and sharing events and programming produced by a network of community collaborators

From the independent maker who went on to open a storefront to the 16-year-old high school student who launched a line of female empowerment fashions to the family who contributed a knitted square to a public art installation, we know that making things by hand can transform individuals and communities.

Meet the Team

Tricia Brancolini-Foley
Executive Director

Tara McElfresh
Hands-on Handmade Coordinator

Board of Directors
Jackie Baker, President
Karyme Garzón Mahmud, Vice President
Maher Hoque, Secretary
Tracy Lucas, Treasurer
Ariel Beach-Westmoreland
Samantha Caruthers
Rachel Stasny Frank
Lindsay Goranson
Mia Hooper
Shannon Parris
Shannon Richardson


Advisory Committee
Samantha Bower
Joyce Ignasky
Michelle Lancet
Valerie Snyder
Emmanuelle Wambach